Dear friend, don’t let go.

Jyotsna Parthasarathy
3 min readAug 3, 2019


Sometimes life can be hard,
And can catch you off guard.
You are giving it your best and I know it is tough,
Dear friend, know that, for now, that is more than enough.

Failure and misfortune is a part of it all,
But random thoughts of self doubt slowly begin to crawl.
It could leave you distraught with a feeling of numbing,
Dear friend, know that, its not your fault, for not seeing it coming.

You don’t have to always be correct,
For a mistake or two, hides in everyone’s pocket.
But pointing fingers could question your acumen,
Dear friend, know that, it is okay, and, to err is only human.

Some mistakes come at a heavy price, and fills you with rage,
Making you feel like good times belong to a bygone age.
You think that everything is ominous and glum,
Dear friend, know that, we are all here, stay strong, do not succumb

You have tried really hard; hiding all your pain,
Believing that no effort goes in vain.
But you are at the verge of giving up, and a lot is at stake
Dear friend, know that, its okay to bend, just don’t break.

You think about being anywhere but here,
And often wonder what it will be like to disappear.
At this moment — A jump or a noose could pose as easy baits,
Dear friend, know that, this too shall pass, and a beautiful journey, still awaits.

You may feel like this is the very end, reduced to a zero,
But remember your little son, for whom, you will always be a super hero.
He looks at you with smile full of pride; a face lit with a glow,
Dear friend, know that, you must hold onto that hope and not let go.

The power from that smile will take you a long way,
Apologizing and mending, for all the times you strayed away.
There is a part of you, burdened and still carrying the blame,
Dear friend, know that, in expressing regret, there is no shame.

A new door will always open, to magical new beginnings,
With it shall follow; love and laughter, and million joyful things.
You realize your worth, and thank the ones who have shown you care,
Dear friend, know that, I love you, and will always be there.

Recent events have lead me to think about this and makes me extremely sad that someone could be so desperate, so vulnerable that they think that taking their life is the easier way out. It is absolutely not justifiable. It is easy to say that it is an act of coward, but really, was it ?

A dear friend or a lending ear, can save a life. But the first step towards helping, is recognizing that someone needs help.

Food for thought.

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